Front Range Adult Services

We believe that every individual has a right to a meaningful life and an opportunity to contribute to their community despite any intellectual or developmental disability they may have. Ariel strives to help all adults in our care obtain the services and support they need to live a productive life in the community where they can participate in activities and work if possible. Adults with developmental disabilities are respected and are an integral part of our Ariel family and we provide an array of services to support them.

Ariel Clinical Services Day Program offers a variety of curriculum and community-based services to help individuals with intellectual disabilities build relationships, learn safety and independence skills while connecting with our community. We offer a variety of programmatic opportunities which include social activities, volunteerism, art and recreation, self-advocacy and interpersonal skill building.

In Denver Metro area and Colorado Springs, Ariel Clinical Services Residential Program offers a variety of residential support. We understand that every individual is unique and seeks to have a home in which they feel safe and comfortable in. Some of these residential options we offer are Host Homes, PCA’s, Family Caregiver, and Respite. At Ariel, we pride ourselves in taking the time to find out which option will best suit each individual and we offer on-going support to ensure our individual’s care and independence are the primary focus. Ariel offers a few different residential services host homes where an individual lives with a family, couple, or single adult and becomes a part of their family. A PCA, where an individual lives in a home independently or with peer roommates. Support staff come into the home on a scheduled basis to offer support as needed. Family Caregiver, is where the individual lives with a family member in a host home setting. Resite care is offered on an hourly or daily basis in a variety of settings to include the community, a host home, or in the individual’s home*.

*Some restrictions to this service apply.

Our staff at each of our locations have a strong sense of compassion for the plight of the adult with developmental disabilities and understands the unique concerns that they face.

If you have any questions about these programs call:

Denver : 303-703-9351
Colorado Springs : 719-260-6110
Grand Junction Area : 970-245-1616

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