What is ASA?

ASA stands for Adult Services Agency. Ariel is a Provider Approved Service Agency (PASA) and we provide residential, day habilitation, vocational, and behavioral services to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. We provide respite, non-medical transportation, and community-based services and supports and we work with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.


At Ariel, we help individuals build skills related to finding a job, being successful at that job, managing money, staying safe, and many other skills involved in living responsibly and independently. Individuals on the Western Slope can work at Charley’s Cookies, Perdita’s Coffee, Whatz Up Dawg, or cleaning and mobile crews. In Colorado Springs, individuals can work at The Blank Canvas Café, The Studio, or mobile crews. Additionally, we offer volunteer opportunities as part of our programming. We also have Employment Consultants who help individuals receiving services find employment and then, once hired, we help individuals be successful at work with on-the-job assistance.


Our Residential Program is based on a person-centered approach for the individual in the least restrictive environment possible. This program provides the person receiving services and Host Home Provider with a case manager who assists in care coordination. Additional staff are available to assist the person receiving services with benefits management and medical oversight.


We offer both individual and group counseling services. There is also a Behaviorist on staff to address challenges.

Day Habilitation

This is a skill building program that occurs on and off site as part of day programming. The Circles and SNAP (Specific Natural Activity Program) Curriculum are used to help the person receiving services build their skill level.

Community Services and Supports

This program offers support, mentorship, coaching, and supported community connections. Coaches accompany individuals on community outings and various activities. We also have a growing program with Special Olympics of Colorado where individuals practice various sports and participate in the events.


In our respite program, our trained staff do what they can to provide relief for primary caregivers.

If you would like information on how to become eligible for services, please follow this link to the Mesa County CCB (Community Center Board) https://mesadevelopmentalservices.org/   and ADRC (Aging and Disability Recourses for Colorado) https://mcadrc.org/

ADRC and CCB work together to determine if an individual is eligible to receive waiver services. ADRC assist with determining financial eligibility (Social Security) and Medicaid. The CCB will assist with State of Colorado approval and placement if approval for the waiver is received.